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You have the innovative dietary supplement.
We have the contract manufacturing expertise and laboratory support.
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NLI offers customized product develop-
ment services. Our in-depth analyses

  Label and regulatory compliance
  New product recommendations
  Customized product development
  Formulation, Technical Review,
    and Prototyping
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Did You Know?
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Dietary Supplements with Pharmaceutical Quality
NLI has kept pace with the pharmaceutical industry since we began in 1997. From blending to packaging, we provide superior documentation, lab services, and industry knowledge.
  Drug cGMP quality manufacturing processes
  Superior laboratory support services
  Disciplined and documented product design
  Information-based customer support services
  Science-based research for long-term benefits
Ready to bring your custom health and wellness products to a whole new level of quality, safety, purity and constant reliability? As a leading pharmaceutical-grade cGMP dietary supplement manufacturer, Nutritional Laboratories International (NLI) ensures that your products are fully compliant with current FDA standards.

And ultimately, that level of product quality translates into consistent results and customer loyalty
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